One of the greatest advantages of Microtopping is the possibility of applying it without limit or joints, inside or outside, on floors or walls, indeed, any surface or object in general. This makes Microtopping the ideal finish to create an airy, linear and spacious ambience and give rein to your ideas, seamlessly.

Can Microtopping be used externally?

Unlike many resins that cannot be applied in exterior environments, Microtopping is ideal for external applications such as terraces, footpaths, swimming pool edges, porches and walls. Microtopping provides good protection from water penetration, climatic stress, de-icing salts and UV rays.

Can I restore the floor without taking out the existing doors and windows?

At only 3-4 mm of thickness, with Microtopping you can have a new floor without having to remove or modify the doors and windows already in the dwelling (unless the doors and windows are not perfectly aligned with the floor).

Can I obtain a continuous surface area without breaks?

Microtopping was created to respond to the needs of those who do not like breaks in the surface. Applicable vertically to walls and horizontally to floors, it bestows maximum continuity to the area. The installer will assess whether it would be appropriate to respect the existing joints.

Can I also apply Microtopping directly on top of tiles or wooden parquet floors?

After carefully assessing the base and with proper preparation, Microtopping can be installed on any type of surface. Your Ideal Work installer will know how to advise you on the feasibility or otherwise of the operation and help you to choose the most suitable solution for your requirements.


Materiale - Microcemento Microtopping


Microtopping is a material made up of liquid polymer and a special cement mixture that is blended manually by Ideal Work installers before each application, depending on the final outcome the customer requires.

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Estetica - Microcemento Microtopping


Microtopping can be customised to a high degree, in colour and tonal variations, in effects and in finishes. It confers an extremely natural material effect and an original, contemporary aesthetic.

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Microtopping has been subjected to rigorous laboratory trials in order to test the performance and identify any weak points. The results demonstrate that Microtopping has properties of resistance even greater than normal resin for floor.

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