Microtopping is perfect for anyone who is looking for a unique and elegant finish, a continuous and extremely solid surface that can give any space depth, light and harmony, all at the same time. Microtopping was originally used as a replacement for concrete because of its numerous advantages – it can be applied at reduced thicknesses, adheres firmly to the underlying surface and is simple and quick to install. Now it can be adapted beautifully to any environment, bestowing an original and unrepeatable touch as it is laid by hand by expert craftsmen. Microtopping can lend character to modern, minimalist spaces, or bring discreet sophistication with classic, rustic or antique finishes to existing property. You can personalise it to your own style, choosing the colour scheme you prefer and adding shiny, cloudy or variegated effects to make it exactly as you like. Microtopping is manufactured by Ideal Work, the European leader in decorative concrete flooring. It is a compound of cement and polymers specifically designed for interior and exterior decorative finishes. For any surface that needs to be covered, renovated or created from zero, Microtopping bestows an extremely sophisticated effect with great architectural value through cement based finishes that are created by hand.  All this with a thickness of just 3 millimetres. It is perfect for private homes, businesses, showrooms or exterior areas, be it for poolside or restaurant, store or shopping centre.

I have an ultra-modern house: is Microtopping recommended?

With its unbroken, material effect, Microtopping is perfect for the modern home and in line with current trends in the field of interior design. Capable of making almost any environment unique, it is at its best in minimal, modern settings where it acts as a focal point.

I have a restored farmhouse: is Microtopping recommended?

Microtopping also lends itself well to classical, rustic or antique settings where it completes the style with sophisticated discretion.

I have a restaurant, a bar, a hotel: is Microtopping recommended?

Yes, in these settings, Microtopping succeeds in creating a silky, welcoming atmosphere bestowing style, class and elegance.

I have a shop or a showroom: is Microtopping recommended?

Microtopping is also perfect in commercial applications where it succeeds in enhancing the products on display to the utmost; it is particularly recommended for ‘trendy’ settings.

Can I apply Microtopping in the bathroom, for example in a shower cubicle or bath or washbasin?

Certainly. Microtopping is suitable for these types of application because it provides good protection against water penetration. In the restoration or refurbishment of existing surfaces, an appropriate assessment is required by the installer as well as adequate preparation of the base.

Can kitchen tops and bar counters be made in Microtopping?

Yes, it can be used on any type of surface as long as it is treated appropriately. It is not, however, recommended to place boiling objects on it, use the counter for chopping or leave aggressive substances on the surfaces, such as lemon juice, cola type drinks or vinegar.

On average, how long does it take to create a surface in Microtopping?

As a guide, it would take around a week to create 100 m2. But installation times strictly depend on the complexity and type of intervention and skilled labour availability. In the case of an existing surface, it may require a few days more, necessary for the assessment and preparation of the base.