Rivestimento per musei

Micro concrete as a coating for museums and exhibition areas.

Microtopping as the background for ancient treasures of Teseum Museum in Tongeren.

The Basilica of Tongeren is one of Belgium’s largest and richest churches with the largest collection of religious relics dating from the sixth to the twentieth century.
All the Basilica’s gold and collections are contained in the Teseum, an exhibition that opened in June, characterised by a modern setting created by designers Bailleul Ontwerpbureau and design architect Chris van Brussel from the architectural studio Michel Janssen.

To contrast with the gold and the lustre of the works in the museum, Microtopping was chosen as a finish coating for the walls and corridors. Microtopping’s neutrality enhances the splendour and treasures in the building.

“It was a great honour to participate in a historic and artistic project of this magnitude”, says Ronny Wuyts, CEO of Texture Painting, the company which applied the Microtopping. “We used Microtopping because it gave us the opportunity to create a uniform surface without joints and with a natural effect able to enhance the beauty of what is exhibited”.

This choice confirms Microtopping’s great versatility. Normally used in minimalistic and contemporary contexts, it also lends itself well to historical and traditional spaces, where integration happens naturally. The absence of joints and the tactile effect enhance museums and exhibition areas to the full.

Microtopping is a resistant and very individual coating.

Microtoppimg’s appearance is extremely simple, so it is also capable of adapting to historical and ancient settings, just like the museum of the Basilica of Tongeren. There are also technical reasons why Microtopping is a perfect coating for exhibition areas: its resistance is higher than that of resin. This is demonstrated by the numerous tests carried out on the resistance to mechanical and thermal stress, residual marks, from impact, to wear, fire, cracking, chemicals and corrosive substances. In short, a coating particularly suitable to withstand the flow of visitors to a museum over time.
It is not only a functional coating, but also highly individual: from colours to shades, from effects to finishes.
For the Teseum of Tongeren, Microtopping has been customised with special acid stained and glazed effects to enhance the splendour of each display case.

The final result is a mystical space which leaves the visitor with a feeling of awe and wonder for the Basilica’s treasures, resplendent and dazzling against the dark background created by the Microtopping walls and floor finishes.

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