rivestimento per palestre microtopping

Micro cement as a coating for gymnasium floors

Microtopping is a minimalist, durable finish, perfect for spaces that are refined, but subject to intensive use.

The Sport Club Ekipe is a futuristic sports and wellness centre on the slopes of Etna, designed by the architect Salvatore Paulo in collaboration with Angela Catanese. An architectural space of great charm, where aesthetic rigour and constructive experimentation enter into a dialogue with the latest materials, including Microtopping, which has been used to cover all of the internal and external floors, giving substance, minimalist elegance and continuity to the space.

Renovating San Giovanni La Punta, the regional town of Catania, by creating a multi-purpose sports centre, was the impulse that has guided the creation of this modern temple of wellness and sports. An area of ​​12,000 square metres with a wide variety of offerings: from the pools for water sports, to outdoor areas with soccer pitches, fitness rooms, relaxation and dining rooms and entertainment areas for the younger visitor.

An unusual architectural choice, it is catchy and rough, impressive and fascinating.
The centre point of the structure is a central column, made from concrete that houses different spaces within it, in an articulated game of double heights and irregular cuts.

All of the interior spaces are absolutely rigorous, definite, and minimalist. The play of the lines is based on one homogeneous tone, which is broken only by a few accents of colour on the furnishings or walls and the large windows that allow light to filter from one space to the next. To act as a neutral background for the structural material, Ideal Work Microtopping was used. The material is a polymer-cement coating that is ideal for lifestyle and design environments. Microtopping in the Charcoal shade was used on the floor for both the exterior and all the interior floors and gives a perfectly blended continuity to the entire structure.

Microtopping is ideal for visitors looking for a strong aesthetic impact, but it’s also abrasion and impact resistant, practical to manage and highly durable.

Highly durable, abrasion and impact resistant and versatile, Microtopping has proved to be ideal for coating the floors of intensely used spaces like gymnasiums and fitness clubs. multi-purpose and diverse facilities which, along with practicality, do not need modern aesthetic and strongly tailored solutions.

Unlike conventional resins, Microtopping offers a high resistance to humidity, shock, compression and abrasion. The material has been proven to be ideal for use in spaces dedicated to sports and physical well-being, be they swimming, gym or wellness activities.

Moreover, its resistance to water and moisture ingress makes Microtopping a practical and easy to clean solution, and therefore recommended for large, busy places like a gymnasium or a sports club.

The aesthetic effect is unmatched. Ideal Work Microtopping gives any space depth, harmony and lightness and a modern, original appeal that’s in tune with the latest architectural solutions.